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Natural innovations LLC provides consulting services in TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) and TRIZ-based problem solving, forecasting, and intellectual property enhancement applications. This systematic innovation methodology is introduced in big corporations like GE, Intel, Samsung, Procter and Gamble, but is also applicable to the small and medium business world. Here are some training modules we provide for our customers:

- Training in basic and advanced aspects of classical and modern TRIZ

- Technology forecasting

- Coaching and facilitation of projects

- Training in the efficient methodologies applied by TRIZ consultants

- Custom programs

Natural innovations LLC consultants are certified TRIZ specialists, trainers and practitioners with 20+ years of experience. They concentrate on methodologies allowing our customers to efficiently apply TRIZ to

- Innovative problem solving for the development of new products and processes

- Technology forecasting

- Pro-actively revealing problems, associated with products and technologies

- TRIZ Root cause analysis – effective methodology for finding the roots of undesired effects

- Solving difficult problems

- Intellectual Property enhancement:

        - Inventing around a patent

        - Improving inventions

- Patent search, preparation of Invention Disclosures, Provisional and Non-Provisional Patent Applications


Ideal Matrix - Basic

The basic version of our software provides a new visually structured way of mastering inventive principles and the contradiction matrix – one of our favorite simple, yet effective problem solving methods. We break up this software into parts, which allow you to learn the inventive principles, have fun with our multiple choice exercises, and our visual and very interactive Contradiction Matrix. Don’t worry, you won’t find outdated examples from dusty textbooks published decades ago in this software package. We understand that you should also have fun while building your innovative muscle during the age of the iPhone. Install our software, and dive into sequences of images that build your understanding of inventive principles, browse through the exercises, and enjoy our interactive contradiction matrix with zoom-in and zoom-out features. Check out our screenshots and videos to preview more exciting details!

Ideal Matrix - PLUS

The Plus version lets you take your next step in mastering the TRIZ (the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). It has a NOTEPAD module, which contains a short, yet efficient structured problem solving method, based on the algorithms of classical TIRZ. Sure, TRIZ is a serious theory, based on extensive research of the technological evolution, but we have taken this difficult subject and made it understandable through examples, simple explanations and a tsunami of visual aids.

Ideal Matrix - Network VersionNetwork

Please contact us to discuss how to maximize the training experience in TRIZ methodology for your students or practitioners. We would be happy to support the front end of the innovation process in your organization by providing you a multi-user network version of our software.

If you are looking for additional information, or want to request a Web-Demonstration of our products, there are three easy ways to contact us:

e-mail: vprushinskiy@idealmatrix.com

Skype: ideal_matrix

Phone:(248) 686-2881