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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TRIZ?
A: TRIZ is an inventive problem solving methodology. In fact, it is one of the most effective systematic approaches to innovation, based on statistical research of the patent fund, and condensed into strong inventive principles.

Q: Where to start with the Ideal Matrix?
A: If you are brand new to TRIZ, start  with the Help and Introduction sections, and then continue to the 40 Inventive Principles module.

If you know TRIZ basics, check our our visual version of the Contradiction Matrix.

If you know all about inventive principles and the matrix, and are interested in problem solving, jump into our Notepad module, and try our problem solving process.

Q: Is your software only for beginners?
A: Initially, we wanted to give great visually engaging software for all newcomers, i.e. students and young engineers. Later on, we began approaching TRIZ-practitioners and innovators with demonstrations, and most of them loved our software. We've offered, for the first time, a software that is not textually, but visually driven, that immerses all users into a TRIZ world. Please, check our site often, because we are going to expand our software with new modules, adding more challenging aspects of inventive problem solving.

Q: Who can use the Ideal Matrix?
A: Ideal Matrix is good for students who wants to build innovative skills and increase the probability of success with your projects. We assume that you heard about TRIZ and want to find out more.

If you are part of an organization implementing TRIZ or Six Sigma with elements of TRIZ and you need to get up to speed, our software can be a good starting point for you too.

There are several levels of TRIZ knowledge, starting from the simple awareness of basic methods, then the use of basic methods, and finally, the use of advanced methods. At each of these levels, you can find something for you in Ideal Matrix.

Q: Where to purchase Ideal Matrix?
A: You can purchase the Basic version of our software at the web-store of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ studies. For PLUS and network versions of the Ideal Matrix please contact us:

e-mail: vprushinskiy@idealmatrix.com

Skype: ideal_matrix

Phone:(248) 686-2881