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Ideal Matrix - Basic

This software makes TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) accessible to you. We created it because we are strong believers, that TRIZ is single most effective problem solving methodology. This methodology is introduced in big corporations like GE, Intel, Samsung, Procter and Gamble, but is is also applicable in small business world. So, you may be a student, engineer or small business innovator, we created this software to help you innovate. Here are some modules of the Basic version of the Ideal Matrix:

40 Inventive Principles

The 40 inventive principles and the matrix of their application (the contradiction matrix) are the earliest tools, developed in the framework of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). During the time of its existence the matrix has won millions of users. Some of these use the matrix and the inventive principles on a regular basis, and others on a case by case basis. Why do so many people like the matrix? The answer is clear, the matrix is very simple, yet it allows for efficient problem solving.

40 Inventive Principles Screen


The first step in mastering the innovative principles is the ability to see, which principles are applied during the development of the given technical solution. Exactly for this purpose we developed these exercises, describing real technology, and requiring selection of the applied principle from a multiple choice list. Browse through the carousels of images, see how 40 inventive principles were applied for development of many products and innovations and answer multiple choice questions. But please, remember, that very often not one but several inventive principles can be applied simultaneously for obtaining a strong solution.


 Contradiction Matrix

Key for innovations is applying inventive principle. Contradiction matrix is created to help you in selection of inventive principles, most suitable for resolving of your problem. In simplest case, for utilization of the contradiction matrix one ought to select pair of parameters, conflicting with each other. First, we select parameter, which we want to improve (it situated in left vertical column of the table, second – parameter, which is deteriorated or does not allow us to improve our product (it can be found in top line of the table). The cell on cross-section of these parameters contains inventive principles that were most frequently used in strong inventions for resolution of contradiction between the parameters, selected by you. Next click, and you will scroll through the principles, and examples, which will help you to solve you problem.

Contradiction Matrix 

For information about other modules of the Basic and Plus Versions of the Ideal Matrix call Natural Innovations LLC at (248) 686-2881, Skype - ideal_matrix or e-mail info@idealmatrix.com, and we will invite you for web-demo of our products.